Overview -- How StudyDorm.com Works

StudyDorm.com provides independent, self-study students with residence halls, specific to a particular field of study. Each StudyDorm.com facility features shared access to specialized library and lab facilties consisting of top equipment, industry-standard software, and powerful training tools. There is no faculty or staff. Each student prepares to launch her career by studying at her own pace. Students build lasting friendships and professional connections while living with colleagues who are pursuing the same field.

Each StudyDorm.com facility is located in or around a major city. In addition to creating stimulating and exciting possibilities for a student to explore a new city, this approach maximizes opportunities for general employment, field-related employment and internships, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

At top universities, the crushing tuition and fees help pay for six-figure-salary professors and beautiful campuses. In many careers, these elements are not requirements. It is in these careers where StudyDorm.com works. StudyDorm.com provides the residence hall experience, along with top equipment and training materials, while cutting out the most punishing financial burdens faced by students at top universities.

At StudyDorm.com, there are never any tuition or class fees. Students pay rent and a modest fee for shared access to an elaborate library and lab facility. The costs are so low, that students do not need loans or other financial assistance. A student can study while working in a typical job, and pay as she goes from her current income.

StudyDorm.com library and lab facilities provide what a student needs to get up to speed in her career. For example, in graphic design, a student would have to spend ten, twenty, or thirty thousand dollars to recreate the StudyDorm.com library and lab facilities. With StudyDorm.com, you get that high level of access by paying a modest monthly fee for guaranteed prime-time slots working with top equipment, industry-standard software, and powerful training tools.(continued)