Overview (continued) -- How StudyDorm.com Works

(previous) Four years at a top university can cost a quarter of a million dollars. A student who is not from a wealthy family could leave school with a debilitating dead weight hanging around her neck, owing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. On the other hand, if a student wants to begin launching her career now, without building a crushing load of loan debt, then StudyDorm.com is for her.

StudyDorm.com offers broad flexibility to students. StudyDorm.com does not require a long-term commitment, yet the option of long-term self-study is available. A student could rely on StudyDorm.com to get the training she needs to start her career, thus increasing her value in the labor marketplace, then decide what she wants to do next. Armed with higher earning power, she could continue with self-study, pursue industry-standard certifications, rely on work experience, or study at a traditional university.