Timetable -- How Quickly Will You Achieve?

Six Months Recommended for Your Primary Commitment
Six months is the recommended length of time to get started at StudyDorm.com. That will provide you with an opportunity to learn enough to have a strong impact on your career.
The duration of your experience at a StudyDorm.com residence hall is flexible. Both you and StudyDorm.com are free at any time to submit the proper written cancellation notice specified in your lease agreement.
Show Good Progress
To maintain good standing, you must show continual good progress in your studies.
You Set Your Own Pace
One of the most important features of StudyDorm.com is that you work at your own pace. In any particular week or month, you may have a lot of time or very little time to devote to your studies. You can breeze through topics that seem easy for you, and you can spend the time you need on a complex topic.
Three Months for Basic Skills
After three months, if you are disciplined, work hard, devote adequate time, and maintain focus, you will progress quickly. At that point, you should be ready to perform some of the tasks that an employer in your field needs. If you're not already working your field, this might be the time to go for that first job as a helper or intern.
Six Months for Strong Skills
You can potentially get your first job in your new field at any time, with or without experience, but you'll certainly have an edge if you have real, high-value skills that an employer can put to work immediately. If you are in the top category of students, then six months can take you a long way. These students will be ready to show their portfolios and confidently discuss their capabilities during job interviews.
Longer Term Learning
You are welcome to live at a StudyDorm.com for as short a time as six months or a year, but with the available lab and library facilities, you could continue to benefit from StudyDorm.com over a period of two or three years. By then, if you are a strong student, you will be off and running, qualified to work in your new career.