Typical Experience

Each student, including you, will have a unique experience. There are all kinds of variables. They include how intensely you study, how you pay your expenses, and how quickly you find your first job in your field. Here is one possible scenario. Yours might be different.

1. Be prepared.
Arrive with enough savings to pay all of your expenses through at least the first month or two.
2. Secure a job immediately.
Apply for jobs both in your field and in unrelated fields. Your best bet for quickly achieving financial stability is to work outside your field, due to the broader array of jobs available, but you might as well look for something in your field, too. StudyDorm.com does not guarantee that they can find a job for you. If you need a job, you take full responsibility for finding that job. Occasionally, we provide a lead from a company that might want to hire a StudyDorm.com student.
3. Study hard.
That means devoting the time, maintaining focus, and getting optimum benefit out of the learning resources that StudyDorm.com makes available to you. If you do that, soon you can present yourself to employers as a worker who can perform some of the tasks required in your field, as an intern, a helper, or in another entry-level position.
4. Practice and intern.
If you originally found a job that's not in your field, you can work on finding a paid internship in your field. Subject to certain legal restrictions, employers can also offer you an unpaid internship. Work on tutorials and on practice jobs. If you can find them, you can work on simple jobs for pay or as an unpaid volunteer. StudyDorm.com does not guarantee that we will provide any volunteer opportunities or paid work. However, StudyDorm.com makes an effort to maintain relationships with charitable organizations who may order some work as they need it. Though StudyDorm.com has a commercial affiliate, we cannot guarantee that you will receive work from our affiliate. One way to practice is to do paid work by finding your own (continued)