Typical Experience (continued)

(previous) customers and offering them your new skills. Your guaranteed, reserved time on a StudyDorm.com work station belongs to you. You can use that time for any kind of work you want, including paid work.
5. Find your first real job in your field.
As you get more and more practice under your belt, you can continue to expand your knowledge base by studying new topics and incorporating them into your work. After a while, you will have enough skill to make yourself useful to an employer in an entry-level position, and you can look for your first real job in your field. You can certainly try to make it on your own without ever working for someone else, but a great way to become highly qualified in your field is to work closely with an experienced professional for an extended period, learning your craft in an apprentice-style position.
6. Continue your learning.
After you find that first real job in your field, you may want to move on, or you may want to remain at StudyDorm.com to supplement your on-the-job experience. You can make yourself continually more valuable, by studying advanced topics, relying on StudyDorm.com's robust learning library and the generous access to that top level equipment and software.
7. Fly fly away.
If you're working hard, making progress, and getting yourself out there in the working world, eventually, you will be earning more money. That expands your options. You can afford your own top equipment and software and you can afford to leave your roommate days behind. You will leave StudyDorm.com with knowledge, earning power, professional contacts, a great reference, and friendships to last a lifetime.